Ian Altman – “Sales Expert”

B2B Growth Advisor | Keynote Speaker | Bestselling Author

Organizations call on Ian Altman as a keynote speaker to inspire audiences with a modern approach to grow business with integrity. 

As a CEO for two decades, Ian founded and grew his own business-services and technology companies from zero to over $1 billion in value.  This success, backed by years of researching how customers make decisions, established Ian as a leading authority on accelerating business growth.

B2B organizations around the world have achieved remarkable, measurable business growth with Ian’s help to adopt the integrity-based approach from Same Side Selling.

Audiences are drawn to Ian’s popular weekly podcast, Same Side Selling, available on iTunes. 

Ian has a degree in Quantitative Economics and Decision Science from the University of California San Diego.

Jack Quarles – “Buying Expert”

Senior Consultant, Speaker, Bestselling Author

Jack Quarles is a consultant, speaker, and trainer on procurement and decision-making. He is the founder of Buying Excellence, a company that helps businesses choose the right solution and vendor for them. Jack has saved companies tens of millions of dollars, increase profits and have better outcomes and brighter futures. His past work has focused on the practices of expense management including selling, RFPs and RFQs, negotiation, and reducing costs.

His book How Smart Companies Save Money was a number one bestseller on Amazon. His latest book, Expensive Sentences, reveals to readers how to transform ingrained ways companies do things in order to boost bottom lines. 

Jack has degrees from Yale and Kellogg Business School.

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