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Just one year after adopting Same Side Selling and having Ian Altman speak at their National Sales Meeting, over 90% of the Small Business team is now meeting their revenue targets. GPS grew their revenue by more than 30%, with fewer salespeople, just by shifting their approach to selling. By working together, across sales and marketing, GPS Insight now offers a clear and compelling value to customers that help them stand head and shoulders above the competition. Read the full GPS Case Study

QDS adopted Same Side Selling and now have a consistent language amongst the organization. They have a modern integrity based approach for working with clients and the clients are more often times convincing them why they need their help instead of them feeling as if they are selling. Read the full QDS Case Study

 Before adopting Same Side Selling Bright Claim was growing between 8% and 10% per year. In the 3 years after adopting Same Side Selling they grew a total of 500% and were recently acquired by Genpact in 2017 Read the full BrightClaim Case Study

Yoko Co shifted the focus from price to results with their clients and make it clear they really care about the client versus just about making money. Since adopting Same Side Selling they have consistently grown between 20-40% each year. Most importantly, their clients have a crystal- clear understanding of where they add value and their conversations have shifted from being all about price to now being all about the results. Yoko Co now stands out from the competition and earns a lot of repeat as well as referral business from happy clients. Read the full Yoko Co Case Study

Optimal Networks now clearly stands out from the competition. Their clients and prospects now understand that there are 3 different levels of service providers in the industry; and Optimal Networks delivers exceptional value because they take the time to understand the business impact and needs, rather than just focusing on technology alone itself. Read the full Optimal Network Case Study


Finding FIT with Same Side Selling

Same Side Selling is the idea of solving a puzzle, finding a FIT; instead of playing a game. Discover how to sell with integrity from the same side of the table for better results all around.


Price vs. Value – Does Price Matter Most To A Buyer

Ian Altman & Jack Quarles discuss the importance of price in the buying process and how to overcome pricing objections.

Want to rise above the competition?

Discover how by asking the right questions to your client you can shift the client’s focus from price to value and quickly rise above the competition..


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  • Emotional Intelligence for Better Sales Performance | Colleen Stanley

    Same Side Selling Podcast · 248 | Emotional Intelligence for Better Sales Performance, Colleen Stanley “Business is changing. The approach to selling is changing. So you can be somebody that has just been masterful two months ago and you might be sitting here right now, going, I’ve got to change the way I do things.

  • Fixed Price vs Hourly – Which Works Best? | Ian Altman

    Same Side Selling Podcast · 247 | Fixed Price vs Hourly – Which Works Best? Ian Altman In this episode, I want to talk about time and materials billing versus fixed price billing. Over the last dozen years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many companies who sell services to their clients. Most of

Help Non-Salespeople Become Rainmakers | David Campbell

David Campbell, the Chief Operating Officer at Optimal Networks, shares how they successfully engaged non-sales people to grow revenue and built an amazing culture within their organization around growth. Discover how to sell like an expert focused on results, not like a salesperson.  Listen Now
B2B procurement veteran, Jack Quarles understands how companies buy. On this episode, Jack shares new and more innovative ways to work with B2B purchasing and procurement.  Listen Now