BrightClaim provides insurance companies and self-insured businesses with consistent daily and catastrophe claims related services that support their clients’ needs. They have a track record of increasing customer satisfaction while reducing the costs associated with claims. They were growing at about 8-10% annually and knew that they could help many more companies and accelerate growth; they just needed to uncover the right approach to earn attention and help their clients understand BrightClaim’s value.


Even though they had amazing capabilities, they were having a hard time capturing the attention of their ideal clients. This had a great deal to do with the fact that each person on their team had their own way of identifying and qualifying opportunities. They knew that if they didn’t find a consistent method to capture the mindshare and market share quickly then other providers could encroach on their market.


In the 3 years before adopting Same Side Selling, they were growing between 8% and 10% per year. In the 3 years after adopting Same Side Selling, they grew a total of 500% and were recently acquired by Genpact in 2017.


Ian Altman spoke at BrightClaim’s national sales conference which their CEO, Howard Rogers said was “an awakening.” They followed a consistent process centered on how clients make decisions and seeking the fit for the problems BrightClaim solves for its clients. They grew from $17 million to over $100 million in 3 years.