GPS Insight offers sophisticated fleet management and GPS tracking solutions. Their business was growing, and competitors were entering the market and creating confusion for customers. New initiatives and regulations were creating demand for solutions to track maintenance, improve routing, contain risks, and reduce costs.


The company was seeing increased pricing pressure from customers; who couldn’t clearly see the difference between the advanced solutions that GPS Insight offered and the basic solutions offered by others. This meant that in the Small Business team alone, only twenty percent of the team was actually hitting their numbers. The Vice President of Sales, Jason Walker, knew that he needed to introduce a modern approach to business growth. Not only to help the company stand out from the competition but to also accelerate the sales process to deliver exceptional results for GPS Insight and its customers.


Just one year after adopting Same Side Selling and having Ian Altman speak at their National Sales Meeting, over 90% of the Small Business team is now meeting their revenue targets. GPS grew their revenue by more than 30%, with fewer salespeople, just by shifting their approach to selling. By working together, across sales and marketing, GPS Insight now offers a clear and compelling value to customers that help them stand head and shoulders above the competition.


Jason Walker (who is now in his role as the Chief Revenue Officer) engaged the marketing and customer success teams, to ensure that the elements of the Same Side Quadrants were incorporated into each aspect of customer interaction. The Small Business team practiced with role play / Same Side Improv every week for one hour. Their commitment to the process and discipline continues to drive their success.

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