Optimal Networks is an information technology (IT) service provider. Their solutions run from traditional managed services to high-end cloud services; so they can be responsive to all clients’ needs and guide them along in the process. In the past much of their conversations were technical in nature, which led them to realize that traditional sales people weren’t working anymore; they needed Subject Matter Experts.


They offered a gold standard level of service and support, in many cases with a fixed price, to perform everything that the client would need. The issue was that the clients didn’t understand the difference between them and the competition.


They adopted Same Side Selling and invested in training for the team, and with Ian Altman’s help they modified their messaging so that they now clearly stand out from the competition. Their clients and prospects now understand that there are 3 different levels of service providers in the industry; and Optimal Networks delivers exceptional value because they take the time to understand the business impact and needs, rather than just focusing on technology alone itself.


They have quarterly reviews with their existing clients to make sure they can measure results. In addition, they simplified their agreements and business models to make sure that it’s much easier for their clients to do business with them.