QDS provides currency automation solutions for credit unions, banks, and all money handling operations. QDS does it all with honesty, integrity, accountability, reliability, and dependability. Even though they had been around for years, their growth had stalled. They only had one or two people on their sales team who were actually growing the business.


At the time, they were a break-even company and it was difficult for them to consciously make an investment to support their team. They weren’t growing even though they knew they provided superior service; they needed to figure out if it was the sales people or the process that wasn’t working to ultimately provide their stellar service to more organizations.


QDS adopted Same Side Selling and now have a consistent language amongst the organization. They have a modern integrity-based approach for working with clients; the clients are more often times convincing them why they need their help instead of QDS feeling as if they are selling. QDS has been increasingly adding to its sales staff to take their consultative approach across its 12 state operating footprint. Clients continue to appreciate the Same Side Selling approach which has allowed QDS to triple revenues and double staffing across the organization over the last 3 years.


They brought Ian in to do an immersion session for their team and as they add new employees they invest in them training in Same Side Selling as well. They always have a shared understanding of what the results are that their customer is trying to achieve, and why the customer needs what it is they could potentially be buying.