Yoko Co is a digital marketing firm that helps organizations advance their web presence to drive results and ensure a return on their investment. The Yoko Co team struggled to differentiate themselves from their competition. Even though Yoko Co has a track record of delivering superior results compared to other digital agencies, potential customers did not understand the difference between Yoko Co and competitors that might offer an inferior solution at a low cost.


Yoko Co was not growing as fast as they could, and they were not attracting those clients for whom they could have the greatest impact. Since Yoko Co has a team committed to results, they knew it was critical to attract clients who placed high-value on tangible results instead of vanity metrics such as “likes” or “clicks.”


Since adopting Same Side Selling they have consistently grown between 20-40% each year. Most importantly, their clients have a crystal- clear understanding of where they add value and their conversations have shifted from being all about price to now being all about the results. Yoko Co now stands out from the competition and earns a lot of repeat as well as referral business from happy clients. Most importantly, they are aligned with their clients who appreciate Yoko Co’s sharp focus on measuring results – specifically on how clients are impacting the world.


Yoko Co shifted the focus from price to results with their clients and make it clear they really care about the client versus just about making money. In every client meeting, Yoko Co team members focus on the problems they solve and use the Same Side Quadrant Journals to maintain focus on gathering the right pieces of information. Each meeting concludes with a shared understanding of the impact of not solving the client’s challenge and clear metrics for measuring successful results.