Modern Approach to Business Growth | Ian Altman

Organizations call on keynote speaker, Ian Altman to inspire audiences with a modern approach to sales and marketing that everybody can embrace, especially your customer.

Ian grew the value of his own companies from zero to over $1 billion and now uses that experience to communicate insights that set organizations on the path to success.

After hearing Ian speak and implementing his approach, organizations have seen remarkable results! Discover more about Ian’s speaker topics.



Getting the Buyer to Root for You | Jack Quarles

Jack’s two decades in procurement have led to keen insights on the buyer’s POV. Competitive selling is not a fair game, and the path to being the favorite vendor is both counter-intuitive and surprisingly simple. Audiences learn:
• The magic phrase that puts you in instant trusted advisor status
• The biggest mistakes that salespeople continue to make
• How to describe your profession in a way that attracts customers and referrals

Discover more about Jack’s speaker topics

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