“Altman and Quarles deliver a whole new world of selling, and they’re really onto something.”

Daniel Pink, author of DRIVE and TO SELL IS HUMAN


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“Same Side Selling’s collaborative model is just what’s needed for selling to today’s savvy buyers. It’s time to ditch the pitch, focus on education, find the fit and confirm the value. “


"Same Side Selling gave me a lot to do. Altman and Quarles provide step-by-step guidance for how sellers can work collaboratively with buyers to grow business and succeed."

- Chris Brogan, Publisher Owner Magazine, New York Times Bestselling author of The Impact Equation and Trust Agents, Social Media 101, and Google Plus for Business.

“…Sellers following the principles laid out in this book will find they can reduce their cost per customer acquired while improving their reputation in the marketplace.”

- Keith Riccitelli, Former Chief Procurement Officer - Sallie Mae

“At Corporate United we buy billions of dollars in goods and services on behalf of over 200 of the largest companies in the world. We’re exponentially more likely to buy from companies that adopt the collaborative tactics explained clearly in Same Side Selling because we know they can meet the near and long term goals of our members. Altman and Quarles have helped define the next chapter for buyers and sellers, to the benefit of both.”

- David Clevenger, Senior Vice President Corporate United

About Ian Altman
Ian Altman is the author of Upside Down Selling, an Amazon #1 Bestseller. CEO’s partners and executives call on Ian as a trusted author, strategic advisor, and speaker on sales and business development (some people even think he’s a good guy). Ian serves organizations that sell professional services, business services or technology-related products and services.


About Jack Quarles
Jack Quarles has spent fifteen years in the expense management field and has delivered tens of millions of dollars in savings to internal and external clients. He is the author of How Smart Companies Save Money, an Amazon #1 Bestseller. Jack served as Director of Procurement at Sallie Mae, and built a business process outsourcing organization as a cofounder of Xigo.